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When Should I See a Fertility Doctor?

When Should I See a Fertility Doctor?

By: | October 30th, 2016 | Tags:

Thinking about starting a family, but not sure if you should consult a fertility specialist? It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact age or circumstance when someone should make the call, but there are many good reasons to talk to a fertility specialist.

You’re Paving the Way to Pregnancy

Many women don’t talk with their doctor about fertility or family planning until their mid-to- late 30’s. By bringing it up sooner rather than later, you can familiarize yourself with the options to optimize your fertility and increase your chances for pregnancy. A fertility specialist can help you identify your fertility window and give you tools to monitor your cycle.

Before you’re trying to get pregnant, a fertility doctor at Center for Reproductive Health may be able to perform preconception diagnostic testing that could potentially prevent genetic diseases. Couples with a known, existing issue should consult a fertility specialist right away. Some causes for concern include either partner having a chronic medical condition or having had a previous STD.

You’re Trying and Waiting

Women under the age of 35 that have not become pregnant after 12 months should consult with a fertility doctor. Women 35 or over should only wait 6 months. Irregular periods or monitoring your ovulation without a positive result or suffering from irregular periods can also be signs that it’s time to consider seeing a specialist.

You’re Planning for the Future

Maybe you’re not ready for parenthood for a variety of good reasons. Talking to a specialist at Center for Reproductive Health can take some pressure off of making baby decisions right now. Age is a leading cause of infertility among couples, so your doctor can discuss options like embryo freezing as a back-up for getting pregnant in the future, on your terms.

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