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To schedule an appointment, call us or click here.

The Inland Northwest’s top infertility expert, Dr. Edwin Robins, recently went to Facebook Live to answer your commonly asked fertility questions. You can watch the full video here

If you have additional questions about infertility or your individual fertility health, you can send a message to a Center for Reproductive Health specialist on our Contact Us page. We also offer free, in-person nurse consultations for new patients. You can make an appointment by calling (509) 462-7070.

Commonly known as the “two-week wait,” the time between ovulation and your expected period can be riddled with hopes and anxieties. For many women trying to conceive, the wait plays one question on replay: “Am I pregnant this time?” And for those of us going through fertility treatments, the resounding fears of failure and hopes for success can be even louder. The team atCenter for Reproductive Healthcompiled some of our favorite tools to help you quiet the noise:


Stay Busy

Make plans in advance that give you something (else) to look forward to.


Write It Out

Journaling often allows us to express honest feelings without the fear of judgment.


Limit Internet Surfing

Over analyzing and googling pregnancy symptoms can quickly take you down a dark rabbit hole.

Waiting is hard, but we hope some of these tips can make it a little more bearable. If you’re looking for additional help,  Center for Reproductive Health is pleased to recommend professional counselors for patients. You can call (509) 462-7070 if you have any questions.