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To schedule an appointment, call us or click here.

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Our fertility specialists are available to answer any questions you have along the way.

Thank you for choosing the Center for Reproductive Health for your care. Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery in the shortest time possible. Your care team at Center for Reproductive Health will design a treatment plan tailored to you. Your path to parenthood will be respected, prioritized and personally designed to meet your goals.

Understanding Fertility

Fertility is a deeply personal and complicated issue. While there are often contributing factors to fertility-related issues, there is usually no clear cause for why some people have trouble with fertility and others don’t. But in today’s technological world, there are an abundance of resources and techniques that can help you achieve your dream. And we can help. From basic to advanced procedures, all services are offered right here in Spokane.

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Personalized Education

Your conditions and circumstances are unique, so your treatment should be, too.

Each Center for Reproductive Health couple is provided with personalized education throughout treatment. Along with detailed education about how each step of the IVF process is carried out, our Nurse Coordinators provide in-depth injection teaching. Both partners are given individual, hands-on training in a classroom setting, by our Patient Liaison. Injections can be a stressful element of the process. We want to make every patient feel confident in their ability to mix and give injectable medications. This training is included in the fee you pay for your cycle.

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