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To schedule an appointment, call us at (509)-462-7070 or click here.

To schedule an appointment, call us or click here.

Understanding Fertility

Fertility is a deeply personal and complicated issue. While there are often contributing factors to fertility-related issues, there is usually no clear cause for why some people have trouble with fertility and others don’t. But in today’s technological world, there are an abundance of resources and techniques that can help you achieve your dream. And we can help.

Our goal at The Center for Reproductive Health is to become your partner. We know that infertility can be an emotional and stressful situation that many families strive to overcome. At the Center, we pride ourselves in becoming your partner to overcome your infertility issues. While we cannot guarantee success, we have an incredible track record in helping people achieve their dreams.

Let us help you on your path by contacting us for an initial exam appointment at 509-462-7070.