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Thinking about IVF?

Thinking about IVF?

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Depending on a couple’s response to traditional fertility treatments and other health factors, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) may be the best option for a successful pregnancy. IVF treatments are highly technological and complex. Each person’s experience and treatment will vary, but there are some common things for all couples to consider before starting IVF treatment.

The Center for Reproductive Health team provides couples with several strategies that help couples prepare for IVF treatment:

  • Become informed about fertility treatments and the process.
  • Be realistic about your expectations during IVF treatments. Study success rates and understand that each IVF cycle contributes valuable information that can be of assistance in subsequent cycles.
  • Make decisions ahead of time. Discuss your feelings and limitations toward cryopreservation, donor semen, the number of IVF cycles you will attempt, and who will be included in your support system during this process.
  • Address the emotional factors in advance. Know how your partner manages stress(exercise, meditation, journaling, etc.) and encourage each other to create time for those activities. Will you be seeing a counselor regularly? The CRH team can refer you to local counselors.

Spokane’s Center for Reproductive Health has helped thousands of Inland Northwest families conceive through fertility treatments like IVF. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Robins and his team of experts are prepared to help you find your path to parenthood.

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