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Do’s and Don’ts this Holiday season

Do’s and Don’ts this Holiday season

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End-of-the-year Holidays can be daunting, even in the best of circumstances. For those trying to conceive, holidays often add additional emotional stress to an already complicated situation. By planning in advance and acknowledging that holidays may be uncomfortable or emotional, you can better prepare yourself and improve your chances of thriving through the celebrations.

Our friends at  Resolve have provided helpful tips for thriving this holiday season:

While Visiting Family and Friends

DO: Plan to spend time with couples or friends who don’t have children if family festivities are too much to bear this year. Consider arriving just in time for the holiday dinner, rather than the night before if you find it painful to be around your young nieces, nephews and cousins.

DON’T: Rely completely on family traditions to fulfill your present needs.

Celebrating the Season

DO: Spend time doing things you like best. Prepare a spectacular meal, take long walks, go horse-back riding or jogging, or curl up by a fire with a good novel. Plan a special trip just for you and your partner: a ski weekend, or a few nights at a cozy country inn.

DON’T: Pretend that there’s nothing wrong and carry on with “business as usual.”

When Sharing Your Feelings

DO: Decide in advance how you will handle difficult and insensitive questions. You may even want to rehearse your answers. You may decide to be upfront with friends and relatives as to why you can’t join certain celebrations and traditions which are just too painful right now. Express your appreciation to friends and relatives who have given you their love and support.

DON’T: Be caught off guard by unexpected or embarrassing questions about your plans for having a family. Plan your responses, but don’t feel that you have to disclose all the details of your situation either!

Finding your holiday “Cheer”

DO: Remember to capture the “spirit” in each holiday. Participate in activities that bring meaning to you at this time. Consider volunteering at a local charitable organization. Cheering up others has a rejuvenating effect.

DON’T: Close yourself off to positive feelings and new experiences. You may find that you have a special ability to make others feel good, even if you’re not feeling upbeat yourself.

In the Quieter Moments

DO: Set aside time to share your feelings with your partner. Allow yourself to feel sad, discouraged or frustrated. Trying to conceive is a complicated and emotional process, and you are entitled to those feelings. Talk with each other about your feelings. Your partner may be able to help you through the rough times. Give yourself, and each other, frequent pats on the back for making it through the holiday events.

DON’T: Get caught up in the whirlwind of the holidays and forget about each other. You need each other’s comfort more than ever.

When you’re struggling to conceive and surrounded by family, the holidays can be overwhelming. Your gratitude and holiday cheer might look or feel different this year, but know that you are not alone and the Center for Reproductive Health is fighting beside you every step of the way.

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