Step 1 - Suppression


The purpose of the suppression phase is to quiet the ovaries and to prepare them for stimulation. We use oral contraceptives (OC’s) to suppress your ovaries. You can expect to take them for 10-35 days. Once you have started taking your OC’s, take only the active pills. If you complete the 21 active pills and have been instructed to continue, start a new pack the following day and take the first active pill. Your Nurse Coordinator has ordered refills for you in case you need more than one pack. If you experience spotting take two tablets daily until the spotting has subsided and then resume taking one tablet daily. Once you are instructed to stop taking your OC’s, expect a period within a few days.  ALWAYS CALL YOUR NURSE COORDINATOR ON DAY 1 OF YOUR CYCLE!

Your Nurse Coordinator will send you a packet in the mail containing your IVF calendar, a list of your medications, and cycle information. You calendar dates are subject to change depending on how your ovaries stimulate. The first three sets of labs can be done out of town if you don’t live in Spokane.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the lab you choose can give our clinic same day results.  It is vital that we have your blood test and ultrasound results the same day you have them done.  Without these results Dr. Robins cannot effectively monitor your progress.  Please see Out of Town Monitoring (PDF).

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